Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Automatically ignore errors generated by bots, webcrawlers, spiders and similar. Deprecated: enable the Crawlers filter on the Filters tab.
Provides Log4Net quick setup with File and Console Appender
Slack logger provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
Minimal .NET logging library
A framework used to simplify logging using Log4Net
Sends an email every time a new error is logged. Deprecated: use the New Error Email to make sure that users timezone is taken into account.
Integrate with every service providing an API using the WebClient app. Deprecated: use a HTTP rule instead.
DoLog is a logging application which helps you to log in a CSV file by just plugged in. Install it through Nuget package and your logging functionality is ready. Steps to Add DoLog: 1. Run the command from Nuget package manager console. 2. Add the namespace using DoLogLibrary; // put it in names...
Application Logging for Xamarin Forms, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, WPF, and UWP,
Libreria di logging
NLog logging support for Infrastructure.Core
Couchbase client library for .NET based languages. This package includes the Log4Net and NLog logging adapters.
MetroLog is a lightweight logging framework designed for portable. Although the API is based on NLog and log4net, the intention is that it's a very basic logging system. This version targets .NET 4.5 and .NET Core 4.5 (Windows Store apps)
Added LoggingCentral to your application. This release includes a new target for NLog.
The Smart Solution Platform (SSP) Logging services and API intended to simplify the implementation of logging functionalities in smart solution applications. The logging framework will provide a simplified interface for writing log information to a specified destination. The interface also provi...
Extends Zirpl Logging to the web including sending log4net calls to Elmah, storing Elmah log files in Windows Azure table storage, and providing a RollingFileAppender for the Web.
Halcyon logging library.
Windows Phone logging utilities