Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Log4Net logging support for Infrastructure.Core
NLog logging support for Infrastructure.Core
Trace logging support for Infrastructure.Core
Useful .NET code.
Provides different logging providers. ErrorLogging, Tracing, TransactionLogging
ELMAH with configuration for getting started quickly on a PostgreSQL database as the error log. NB requires manual configuration.
Sample configuration supplying common filtering for ELMAH.
PLogger is a light, fast file appender and database logger build using a parallel pipeline architecture. It is much easier and faster to set up and use then Log4Net.
Fixed a bug which generated the incorrect method (stackframe) during release mode.
Utility and core classes frequently used in my projects.
Adds Enterprise Library 5 Logging Block settings to your WCF project
Contains functionality to add logging to an application using the Microsoft Enterprise Library's Logging Application Block
ELMAH with configuration for getting started quickly on a Microsoft Access database as the error log.
Xamarin Logging provider
Interface for NetStandardLogging package. Provides the most basic functionality of logging for .Net Standard 2.0 and .Net Core 2.0 projects. The project allows logging to a file or the console, with timestamps, and with the minimal of a json config file.
Yes, another logger! Efficient and pluggable. Can log to separate logging and auditing providers. Supplied console, event, file, and log4net providers. Thread-global Singleton based, so all the advantages of Singletons without the threading problems.
Package Description
mytest Awesome application logging utility
Awesome application logging utility