Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Extends Zirpl Logging to the web including sending log4net calls to Elmah, storing Elmah log files in Windows Azure table storage, and providing a RollingFileAppender for the Web.
Supplemental data access object based loggers for Brevitee
Halcyon logging library.
Windows Phone logging utilities
Aggregates sample data into buckets and layers
Application Insights Logging library allowing you to send log messages to Application Insights. Application Insights will collect your logs from multiple sources and provide rich powerful search capabilities.
NLog adaptor for... A fork of Common.Logging that supports Global and Thread Contexts for NLog and Log4Net. Obsolete now that this has merged back into Common.Logging (version 3.0).
Base logging functionality
Module that cancels setting properties when old and new values are considered equal.
A convenience wrapper for basic logging using whatever underlying log framework needed.
Adater to user takenetlog with Nlog
JSimple logging API, behind which different loggers can be supplied. Based off of SLF4J
NLog logging extension for Obvs
Logs Exception details
ShipOS.Logging Class Library
FLC Logging Framework. Please see Author for config instructions
Tavisca logging framewok
Contains logging module which was created with Indigo Project
A generic logging module based off of the decorator pattern for repositories.