Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Toolkit for ASP.NET Web API. Provides loggers, exception handlers, attributes and interfaces.
log4net Trace Extensions
Jali.Core is a cross platform library supporting the Jali library suite. NJali.Core is the .NET implementation.
Jali is a cross platform execution context of explicitly provided crosscutting concers. NJali.Jali is the .NET implementation.
Sink extension to the Enterprise Library Semantic Logging Application Block. Adding support for the log data management tool Loggly,
Базовая реализация логирования для Rikrop.Core.
Unofficial package -- NOT released by Microsoft. *** Compiled with the Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource.Redist Package v1.0.26*** The Semantic Logging Application Block provides a set of destinations (sinks) to persist application events published using a subclass of the EventSource class...
Common functionality for use with SimpleData over Oracle
a library to make logging with log4net easier
A facade on EventStore allowing the logging of any serialisable object as the Data of a StorableEvent
Global exceptions logger for Entity Framework 6.x using ELMAH.
Light-weight, portable logging interface. Combine with PortableLog adapters for logging frameworks or write your own.
Wire up your logging with the NLog logging framework.
An extension for the MicroLite ORM Framework to use serilog as the logging library.
Mongo appender for Log4net
Composite C1 Trace Listener to send logs to Loggly
Extends Zirpl's Logging with a Log4Net implementation.
Simple log4net appender which logs to the API from your MVC application.
An easy to use way to track exceptions, errors and other code conditions for logging purpose. Built-in support for email logging. Can be extended to work with file system, database, NoSQL, Twilio SMS, etc.
SemanticLogging.EventHub is a collection of sinks for the Semantic Logging Application Block that exposes Event Source events to an Azure Event Hub.