Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

a library to make logging with log4net easier
Extends Zirpl's Logging with a Log4Net implementation.
An easy to use way to track exceptions, errors and other code conditions for logging purpose. Built-in support for email logging. Can be extended to work with file system, database, NoSQL, Twilio SMS, etc.
Easily add logging to Smsgh.UssdFramework
基于Log4Net实现日志记录 - 基础开发服务框架
Extends Zirpl's Logging framework with functionality wrapping Common.Logging
Log4net implementation of Neptuo.Logging.
Logging abstraction over Log4Net and extensible for other loggers in the future
Tweak to make LuceneIndex and SwitchOnRebuildLuceneIndex write to the History table of web database about all the records they add to or remove from the index.
Use Playtime222.Logging.Log4net or Playtime222.Logging.MsAppInsights to write log entries to a store. Please note, it is recommended that you use the Application Insights SDK directly without this abstraction. The motivation for this package was to enable developers to develop for Application Insig...
Logging provider implementation using NLog
Logging abstractions to support multiple storage providers.
Support library for the scully server: provides logging (NLog) interfaces
A simple logging service library.
A log4net logging library which will handle correlation id's in headers and other trace info.
Flexible logging framework based on lambdas and expression trees
Integration lib for CodePorbe.ExecutionControl
Logging extensions for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging