Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

.NET Standard 1.0+ library whose purpose is to help parse and format A1-style cell references (or addresses) like $FOO$42, those typically found in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
Spire.OfficeViewer for .NET is a powerful Office Viewer component for .NET. It enables developers to load Word, Excel, Presentation slides and PDF files and view them from code. As a standalone .NET class library, Spire.OfficeViewer mainly focus on how to display office documents and PDF files. It e...
Convert excel and .NET object , Excel 与 .NET 对象互相转换的类库
A .NET WinForm DataGridView with Excel-Like auto-filter context menu
Extension for FileHelpers to support Excel read/write operations, using Interop Assemblies (deprecated)
Mods library that allows data to be exported to an Excel Spreadsheet
使用 EPPlus 生成 Excel 帮助类,如有不合适的地方,请及时到 GitHub 上 提交Issues
Read and Write file excel
Common abstractions for dotnet core applications
The Stimulsoft BI platform provides a full-featured back-end solution for your .NET application. API provides access to the main functions of the system and automates user actions. You can use this API in conjunction with Stimulsoft Cloud and Stimulsoft Server.
Library for working with MS Office documents by templates
Regions helper for PrismTaskPanes
Lightweight and fast library written in C# for reading Microsoft Excel files (2.0-2007).
open bi Api Batch Job
A c# library that provides the ability to extract text from various document file formats, e.g. pdf, docx, ppt, etc...
Implementation for Excel reading and writing using EPPlus
SimpleExcelTable is a .NET component that allows you to quickly create tabular Excel reports using a fluent API and conditional formatting. It currently relies on Microsoft Excel Interop.
Import and Model bind CSV and Excel files