Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Generator for exporting data to Office (Excel and Word)
DoddleReport adds tabular reporting over any LINQ Query, IEnumerable, DataTable or SharePoint List, exportable to HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV or your own custom type. See DoddleReport.Web for great Web reporting support, and the other DoddleReport packages for even more Report Writers
Free Spreadsheet control to open, show, edit, print and save Excel format spreadsheet. Supports many extensions such as cell types, custom cells, selection mode, read-only-mode, formula calculation, even the script execution like VBA.
EPPlus is a powerful library for reading and writing Excel 2007/2010 files, while it is not support converting .xlsx to other type of formats PDF, Image, CSV, XML, inserting OLE object and etc. This project is aimed to provide examples to achieve above mentioned features by using free Excel Class Li...
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the GroupDocs.Metadata package. [Obsolete] GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET is a class library to process metadata associated with various Document, Image, CAD, Audio and Video formats. Key Features: - Covers most popular metadata standards: XMP,...
ExcelDataReader ( without SharpZipLib dependency
Library for parsing and writing SocialCalc sheet save format.
EPPlus extension that contains many useful utils for better controll of your excle package.
Excel Provider for Transformalize
Imports an Excel into a collection of POCOs. You can specify the mappings, the source sheets, etc. You can also generate a excel with the proper columns to import the data.
Excel data importer that auto-detects headers and object type. See for usage instructions.
Library to abstract complexities encountered when using OpenXML to create MS Excel spreadsheets. This library exposes only a small subset of OpenXML with the most frequently used functionality - adding cells and setting their style (like alignment, color, boldness).
RibbonFluent builder for ExcelDna, extends AddInX.Ribbon project
Use excel template in excel to export excel file quickly and easily in .net
Fluent validation for text content. Ensures that the content read from csv files or excel files is valid or provides maximum feedback if validation errors occur.
A utility for importing spreadsheets into SQL Server
NS.OpenXml.ExcelInterop is a small .Net library that imports and exports excel files using open xml.
For reading excel adding DTO and attributes for each field
For reading excel adding DTO and attributes for each field