Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

A repositiory wrapper for the Entity Framework offering full unit test support through interfaced DbContext and nested unit of works for DB first and model first setups. See for installation details.
This package provides additional events for when EntityFramework connections are opened and closed, or commands are executed.
DCommon data adapter for Entity Framework
DCommon data adapter for NHibernate
CloudSoft.Repositories help you to use a generic (unit of work) repository for EntityFramework 6 with data migration based on sql script
Aperea.Data.EntityFramework is a small opinionated bootstrapper for Using EntityFramework
ElmahR persistence module for EntityFramework 4
ElmahR persistence module for EntityFramework 5 (NET40)
ElmahR persistence module for EntityFramework 5 (NET45)
Elmah.Persistence.EntityFramework.SqlServerCompact module, to handle dependencies and configuration in order to use a local SqlServerCompact database (.sdf).
Entity framework extensions including the ability to execute IQueryables with multiple result sets, allow ing a user to execute queries with N number of results in a single round trip to the database. Also contains generic classes to allow multiple result set mapping from stored procedures using the...
This package provides an interceptorfor EntityFramework Code First which will plug in auditing fields on data models.
The goal of this project is to provide a way to inject a dependency into Entity Framework's DbContext.
EFSpecs is a library to assist in testing your entity framework model mapping. It will create an entity with the values you provide it with, then send that entity off to the database, then pull it from the database to verify the values were saved correctly. And being the good citizen that it is, the...
A repository pattern implementation for Code First. More information about how to use this solution and what the package does can be found on my blog here ( Please leave comments and sugguestions in NuGet or o...
A fairly responsive paged data grid for use with KnockoutJS and Breeze. This package contains the styles and code for the control as well as initial documentation. This package DOES NOT include the Durandal widget. There is a specific package that handles the widget install.
Generate alphanumeric codes and slugs for URLS with Entity Framework
This assembly delivers components for creating the EF context dynamically and migrating the MS SQL database if necessary.
This assembly executes the hub service via a windows service.
Tools to Speed Up EF Coding