Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

Extends ADONetHelper library to MySQL, MariaDb, Percona Server, Amazon Aurora, Azure Database for MySQL
This 'batteries-included' bundle brings in SQLitePCLRaw.core and the necessary stuff for certain common use cases. Call SQLitePCL.Batteries.Init(). Policy of this bundle: reference the official SQLCipher builds from Zetetic, which are not included in this package
update/delete entity without load entity from database,run raw sql to any entity. 支持 已存在dbset<T> void DbSet<T>.Update(Expression<Func<T, bool>>,Expression<Func<T, T>>) void IQueryable<T>.Update(Expression<Func<T, T>>) void DbSet<T>.Delete(Expression<Func<T, bool>>) voi...
EntityFrameworkCore Boot Kit (EFBK) is a quick start database connecter for using EntityFrameworkCore. Support variety of databases such as Sqlite, MySql, SqlServer, PostgreSql, MongoDb, Amazon Redshift, AWS Aurora and Memory database.
SuperOffice Continuous Database is a programmatic implementation of Evolutionary Database Design. This package contains everything needed to modify a SuperOffice database, and do database backup and restore.
Thin F# wrapper around Npgsql, the PostgreSQL database driver.
LINQ to Oracle is a data access technology that provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects.
Akka.NET Persistence ADO.NET middleware
A library that generates random Id's from 7 to 14 characters. Id's generated can be used as primary keys for databases or unique identifiers
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
LambdicSql is ultimate sql builder. Generate sql text and parameters from lambda. Target frameworks are .netframework3.5~, pcl, .netstandard1.2~.
Built on top of DataStax C# driver for Apache Cassandra, it provides additional features designed for DataStax Enterprise.
A SQLitePCL.raw 'provider' bridges the gap between SQLitePCLRaw.core and a particular instance of the native SQLite library. Install this package in your app project and call SQLitePCL.raw.SetProvider(new SQLitePCL.SQLite3Provider_sqlcipher()); Depending on the platform, you may also need to add o...
PetaPoco is a tiny, single file .NET data access layer inspired by Massive that works with both non-dynamic POCO objects and dynamics. This package includes the just the core PetaPoco library (compiled) (ie: no T4 templates)
LINQ to SAP HANA is a data access technology that provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects.
LiteDB - A lightweight embedded .NET NoSQL document store in a single datafile
The Telerik.DataAccess.Core NuGet package provides the Telerik Data Access runtime assemblies necessary to consume Telerik Data Access persistent objects, without defining any mapping. If this project contains persistent classes and defines mapping, the Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent NuGet package is re...
Package Description
Fluent, XML-less, compile safe, automated, convention-based mappings for NHibernate.
FluentMigrator is a database migration framework for .NET written in C#. The basic idea is that you can create migrations which are simply classes that derive from the Migration base class and have a Migration attribute with a unique version number attached to them. Upon executing FluentMigrator, yo...