Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

爱车保 - SQLite基础类
爱车保 - PostgreSql基础类
爱车保 - MySql基础类
爱车保 - Dapper基础类
Dapper XML Query Mapper Plugin! Likes iBatis(MyBatis)
Package Description
CRUD extension for Dapper
CRUD extension methods for Dapper
Package Description
Dapper wrapper
升级到.net core 3.0版本,以后.net core3.0版本的更新都会以3的版本号开始
Domain Aggregate Root Framework - Store - Dapper
Dapper based database framework
MiniDDD Repository for jimu with dapper
ORM dapper
dapper sql 语句扩展
Package Description
Flexibel SQL Repository based on Dapper for .NET. This repository auto generates SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE SQL statements based on the passed domain class. The library contains like: handy extension methods, cloudinary access methods, data annotion validator, e-mail methods, data conversion ...