Top 20 NuGet Azure Packages

CacheManager extension package providing JSON serialization for distributed caches. CacheManager is an open source caching abstraction layer for .NET written in C#. It supports various cache providers and implements many advanced features. The Core library contains a Newtonsoft.Json based serializer...
This package contains the reference assemblies required to build a Service Fabric service.
This package contains the common Actor Framework APIs for building and connecting to reliable services on Microsoft Service Fabric.
This library encapsulates a set of storage conventions for Azure Batch task and job outputs, making it convenient for clients to browse and retrieve outputs by task and job id and the type of output.
Provides Data Lake Analytics account, job and catalog management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
This package provides AspNetCore Kestrel based communication listener for Service Fabric microservices.
Application Insights Base API. This package provides core functionality for transmission of all Application Insights Telemetry Types and is a dependent package for all other Application Insights packages. Please install the platform specific package for the best experience. Privacy statement: https:...
Application Insights for .NET web applications. Privacy statement:
This package contains Timers and File triggers. For more information, please visit
Targets files to enable the Visual Studio Tools for Containers.
Helper library for creating Service Fabric ServiceInstanceListeners to listen to Azure Service Bus queues for WCF messages
The F# Azure Storage Type Provider allows simple access to Blob, Table and Queue assets, using Azure Storage metadata to intelligently infer schema where possible, whilst providing a simple API for common tasks.
Serilog event sink that writes to Azure Blob Storage over HTTP.
Provides core capabilities for using Event Grid with Arcus
Azure ServiceBus Implementation of EventBus
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
Simple repository pattern for Azure Table storage
High performance and availability, scalable and very flexible pure .NET database. Using VelocityDB saves time and money for all software requiring reliable, high performance data persistence. Any .NET object can be efficiently persisted and retrieved within ACID transactional scope. The use of Veloc...
It’s 100% managed code PDF standard versions supported are: ALL versions. Files can be normal, linearized, password-protected, signed, incrementally updated. - We support many possible PDF content manipulations scenarios, below are a few things that worth mentioning: - Extract, modify and add graph...
Include extension methods for Combres to integrate more nicer with ASP.NET MVC applications.