Top 20 NuGet WINDOWS Packages

Native Windows API interop declarations
Simple non-bloated MVVM Framework.
Accengage SDK.
Ajuda você a inicializar seu aplicativo com o windows de modo rápido
A basic set of classes for creating a Windows service. Controller classes within this package allows the service to be run as an actual Windows service or as a console application.
Additional functional transformations for Windows.
A PDF Viewer Control for Windows Runtime Platform [WinRT] for Windows 8.1 Universal Applications (Mainly a Solution for Windows Phone 8.1 Issue Missing PDF Reader). It can be used for both Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone 8.1 for a unified UX/UI. It is built over PDF.js developed by Mozilla.
C# wrapper for IVirtualDesktopManager on Windows 10. You need to include the app manifest in your project so as to target Windows 10.
AllJoyn Device Provider for device discovery and interaction without using Introspection XML. For the Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10).
Crop the image in windows 10 UWP Application
A Windows Forms control that enables the user to enter password text, momentarily showing each character entered.
Generic windows services hoster
Library for data exchange with MTP devices. Source code with test project available here:
Windows services management and deploy library
A safe image control for Windows 10.
A control for Windows 10 universal apps to mark sections on an image by e.g. pen and then run optical character recognition (OCR) on the marked section. See project url for details. Consider this as sample, take the source on github as inspiration, praise and recommend it to others.
Introducing fonts based pictograms for .NET Windows Forms projects
STILL EXPERIMENTING WITH NUGET RELEASE...BEST BET IS TO COMPILE SOURCE FROM PROJECT SITE This is a User Control for Windows 10 IOT since there is a lack of keyboard. This will add a keyboard to any Textbox XAML and is a beta release. Right now it only supports a partial US Keyboard
TPM support .NET library for Windows 10.
A Simple framework for Windows Services