Top 20 NuGet WINDOWS Packages

The official NotificationsExtensions library from Microsoft. Supports JavaScript UWP projects (see NotificationsExtensions.Win10 for the C#/C++ version). Generate tile, toast, and badge notifications for Windows 10 via code, with the help of IntelliSense, instead of directly using XML. Sup...
Contains various reflection utilities. FastType (which uses emit to make member access faster). A Serializer with binary format, strongly typed, version and type mismatch tolerant and easy to use .NET serializer. Registry and IoC, IServiceResolver class.
**ober** This CLI tool will help you submit .appxupload packages straight to the Windows Store. It uses the submission API to achieve this.
Bdd tests for Universal Windows Applications
A simple way of showing some notifications (Toasts/Croutons) inside your Xamarin or Windows application.
Windows Clipboard helper
Binding for Windows Forms
VK (originally VKontakte) is the largest European online social networking service. It is available in several languages, but is especially popular among Russian-speaking users.
Lib to easy use console program as a windows service.
Windows low level keyboard hooking component
This library rapped some platform span class Android: SpannableStringBuilder(to ICharSequence iOS: NSMutableAttributedString(to NSAttributedString UWP: List of Inline Windows Phone 8: List of Inline Windows Phone 8.1: List of Inline Windows 8.1: List of Inline
AeroSuite is a WinForms Control Library that provides extended functionality for pre-existing controls and also new controls. Unlike most (if not all) similar libraries, this library is aimed at supporting every platform: Windows XP to 10 and Linux with Mono are supported by most of the controls.
Custom Windows Forms Controls to make UI have a good looking
Xamarin and Windows plugin to perform text to speech functionality. Adjustable pitch, speak rate, locale, and more.
TableLayoutPanel with highlighted header
GS.Host is designed to simplify an integration with windows services
A Windows Forms library that provides common controls with many of the modern features introduced with Vista and more recent Windows versions. Common controls include modern buttons, combo boxes (with cue banner), command links, native-looking list views, progress bars with status, and Windows Explo...
A COM interop library for .NET that makes Windows Imaging Component (WIC) available to managed code, including a thin layer of abstractions and extension methods to make it easier to work with the raw WIC interface.
[FIX]:android7 and ASTRO File Manager response. other platform use to "pt.Xamarin.Plugin.FilePicker". Simple cross-platform plug-in that allows you to pick files from the filesystem (iCloud drive in case of iOS) and work with them.
Windows task scheduler addin for Cake