Top 20 NuGet WINDOWS Packages

Windows Phone 7 control library. Contains: * Cloud Tag List Control (stable) * PieChartControl (unstable) * ColumnChartControl (unstable) * SignalAccuracyControl (stable) * SignalAccuracyRoundContro (stable)
A WinMD OAuth library for Windows 8.
The Windows Phone ZoomTextbox Control is an open-source project built on top of the Microsoft Windows phone 7.1 . It is a effort that provides input values on a zoom font size.
The Pseudo Live SDK is a clone of Live SDK, supports WPF, Windows.Forms, and Console Application.
With linq2indexeddb developpers can add, update, delete and search data on an easy way without having to think how to put up an connection, handeling transaction, etc. For now this project is still in development, so everything is subject to change. Now only the basic CRUD operations are supp...
F# (FSharp) based Windows Phone 7.5 software to answer the simple question: Where am I?
Package includes a dll which provides the proxy to quickly and easily connect your application to PushLocker. PushLocker provides a service to manage and send Windows Push Notifications.
Serialize and deserialize XML and JSON to/from Stream or string. Platforms * .NET4.0 and higher * Silverlight 4 and higher * Windows Phone 7.0 and higher * WinRT
This package works with Service Bus 1.0 for Windows Server. it adds Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll along with related configuration files to your project. Please note that this package requires .Net Framework 4 Full Profile.
Localize is a package designed for the purpose of illustrating just how easy it is to localize an application on the Windows 8 platform.
Windows Phone: Scan for barcodes/QR codes with the async CodeScannerPopup control Windows 8: Generate QR codes using TCD.Device.Camera.Barcodes.Encoder Windows 8 ZXing port by Benjamin Soulier (
WebUtility -> decode HTML (special characters..) WebDownloader -> async (POST) download of strings
A templated content control hosting to remove the pain of using the BooleanToVisibilityConverter. The property IsTrue determines what is shown. For Windows Store (WinRT) applications.
Automatically maps your settings entity model to Windows Local Settings storage.
KinectExtensions: Point3D from Joint Model3DExtensions: make Model3D objects (cylinder, box) TCD.Kinect.Controls.SkeletonPainter3D: three-dimensional output of Skeletons and other objects.
NOTE: since v1.2.0 it's a Portable Class Library. Due to the nature of Portable Class Libraries, it's not possible to maintain the System.Windows.Media.Media3D namespace (and extending it). Instead all classes now orignate from TCD.Mathematics TCD.Mathematics provides classrs, which allow advanced ...
appMobi's custom WebView for Windows Phone 8 Html 5 development.
appMobi's Windows Phone 8 jqMobi Simple Template as a starting point for your html 5 development.
appMobi's Windows Phone 8 jqMobi Kitchen Sink Template as a starting point for your html 5 development.
MVVM FX is a base framework for building applications using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. It includes Data binding, Command binding and DependencyObject/DependencyProperty for Windows Forms.