Top 20 NuGet WEB Packages

A library of core helpers, extensions, constants, enums and other useful things for .NET WCF projects.
Simit Web MVC Application Extensions Library
Convert coordinates between different Swedish coordinate systems, RT90, SWEREF99, WGS84, Web/Spherical Mercator
Extension methods and javascript/css for rendering my datagrid component in web pages
This client library enables working with the Azure Machine Learning runtime APIs, allowing submission and management of batch jobs against machine learning service endpoints.
This client library enables working with the Azure Machine Learning management APIs, allowing browsing the services of a workspace, creating endpoints on a service or configuring an existing endpoint.
To release memory from web view while navigating between xaml pages. Add namespace to xaml. xmlns:ws="using:WebMemLeakSuppressor" set ws:Suppressor.IsMemorySupressed="True" inside webview control
Simit Web Localization Library
RRP Client for .NET 2.0
Starter AngularJs App (for client layer only).
Resource Application Platform for quickly building web applications and APIs.
Toolkit Apps Framework
Web interface for Toolkit.Blocks.
Web interface for Toolkit.Charting
Web interface for Toolkit.Data
Web interface for Toolkit.Drawing
Web interface for Toolkit.Forms
Web interface for Toolkit.Maps
Web interface for Toolkit.Models
Web Interface for Toolkit.Reporting