Top 20 NuGet WEB Packages

WebSharper Extensions for Kendo UI
WebSharper Extensions for Protovis
WebSharper Extensions for Sencha Touch
WebSharper Extensions for Twitter API
WebSharper Extensions for WebGL
WebSharper Extensions for YUI
FSharp Web Crawler
Provides OutputCache to WebApi projects in Asp Net
A lightweight HttpListener based web server library for embedding in other applications.
This adds a script that will create a zipped version of a specific web configuration from a PackageWeb archive. This is useful to build a single package that can be deployed to multiple environments. **Running the script requires PowerShell Community Extensions** All of this is based on the excelle...
Add X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff to HTTP header.
NemerleWeb framework
An extension to the LightInject service container that enables dependency injection for ASP.NET MVC applications.
The goal of this project is to allow C# developers who intend to use the Riot Games Web API to pull data from the server easily without worrying about syntax, interface names, method names and parameters. This portable class library is designed to be intuitive, robust and will hopefully help develop...
Sometimes it is necessary to get a username and password out of the Windows credentials store. It is painful, so this library just hides some of the pain.
An extension to the LightInject service container that enables dependency injection for Web API applications. See LightInject.WebApi for the binary distribution.
UI Widgets to build apps for Office and SharePoint. This experimental release contains the PeoplePicker and the ListView widgets. Consult the project web page for documentation.
Enables the LightInject service container to be used in a web application by providing per web request scoped services.
Framework to simplify web development
邮件发送组件、内容采集、CSV数据文件导入工具、日志记录组件、MVC验证登陆组件、MVC分页组件、短信发送组件和强大的Repeate和RepeaterPager组件! 总有一款适合你。