Top 20 NuGet utilities Packages

Simple utlities used for many projects. This will centralize many good ideas and bug fixes.
[codingfreaks] extended utility library
[codingfreaks] portable utility library
What is OBT SDK ? A small set of utilities for programs. Includes stuff for databases, networking, messaging and debugging and many miscelaneous classes. Check it out to see if you find something useful for your projects and let me know :D !!! Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0 or superior .Ne...
.NET Resource Manager useful utilities
.NET Resource Manager useful utilities (legacy API)
Collection of useful utility methods for (not just) the Universal Windows Platform.
[codingfreaks] Excel utility library
EasyLib is a C# library containing many useful classes for common needs.
.net core network protocol utility class library
.net core utilities and extension methods
Package contains utilities for Andromeda Projects
Utilities that are required most often. Contains: * extension methods for Arrays, String, Char, IEnumerable, IList, IDictionary * Logger * Comparator of text files * Binary tree helper
Extenders utilities for all purpose
AspNet Core Extenders Utilities for all purpose
ActiveDirectory authentication and utilites
A lightweight set of utilities and controls for Wpf. It's the set of tools I usually recreate for every project.
Package Description
Common utilities including encryption and others for Fleek Developer Projects