Top 20 NuGet Sql Packages

A cross platform (Android, IOS and Windows) reusable library. Functionality include Cryptography Algorithms, Json (De)Serialization, Csv Exporter, Dynamic SQL Builder, Logging Interface, Reflection extensions and so on.
An ORM framework with CRUD functionality and CSV exportation support.
Windows Azure Shared Caching enables you to easily provision a cache in the cloud to be used from any applications or services that could benefit from caching. Caching increases performance by temporarily storing information from other backend sources. High performance is achieved by maintaining thi...
This very loquacious data provider is the easiest way for your Sitecore solution to show the SQL Queries your fast queries translate to and measure them at the same time. Documentation can be found here:
A multiple instance and thread safe unique number sequence generator. Replicates the create sequence transact-SQL functionality ( in a .Net assembly.
Database version manager. PostgreSql version implementation.
Database version manager. Library maintains database version table. Change scripts with version numbers are placed in defined version subfolders.
A CRUD wrapper for Dapper. In order to use it, you'll need a provider; Jaunty.SqlClient or Jaunty.PgSql
This Library eases to convert SQL Dataset to JSON Object
A SqlDependency framework which can be used with Entity Framework and SignalR for a rapid development environment.
Esta é uma extensão do Dapper, com o objetivo de utilização totalmente voltada à objetos.
Unofficial Microsoft Sql Server Managment Objects v14.0.17213.0 as packaged with Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio v17.4 Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo.dll Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfoExtended.dll Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.dll Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll Microsoft.SqlSer...
EntityFramework 7 DbContext scaffold for F#.
DataTables.AspNet extensions for AnsiSql generation.
Unity integration for Logic Data Access
NServiceBus transport for SQL Server Service Broker. Part of NServiceBus-Contrib.
A SQL server database consistency and comparison testing tool. Base classes for testing database consistency in different environments.
NLite.Data Framework 是一个轻量简单易用的开源Linq ORM数据访问组件,支持Nullable类型和枚举类型,对Linq的谓词提供了完美的支持,旨在让绝大部份的主流数据库都使用 Linq 来进行程序开发,让开发人员访问数据库从SQL中解放出来,易学易用上手快,配置简单,并且提供了源代码下载,方便定制。支持多数据库,目前支持Access、SQLServer、SqlCE、SQLite、MySQL、ORACLE,未来还会支持更多的数据库。 设计理念 一: 约定胜于配置 连接字符串的配置完全遵循.Net 的...
Business Logic Toolkit AzureSql Data Provider for .NET
SeekU SQL provider for event stream and snapshot storage.