Top 20 NuGet Sql Packages

The CastleWindsor Container for the Dapper.Extensions.Linq.
Avoid codes redudency from using pure API
Simple SQL Server query wrapper written in C# .NET
SQL Installer.NET is a toolset which assists in the development, deployment, and maintenance of applications which interface with a relational database management system (RDBMS). It supports a wide range of RDBMS products including: Microsoft SQL Server * Azure * Oracle * IBM DB2 * PostGreSQL * Fire...
A totally unsupported way to quickly add a SQL Code Guard support to your project. Works on my machine.
Simple StoredProcedure Binder in a type safe way.
Simple StoredProcedure Binder in a type safe way. This generates class codes to call stored procedures.
A library to allow Dibware.StoredProcedureFramework to better integrate with Entity Framework. Documentation:
A helper for integration testing of SQL Server databases.
Windows command line tools for application configuration and resource creation.
iTin Export Engine Core, contains a tab-separated values (txt), comma-seprated values (csv), XML spreadsheet 2003 (xml) and SQL Script (sql) native writers
This package is intended to allow the SQLite.Net-PCL Nuget package from Øystein Krog, to be still functionnal with "Android N" with a modified Android Platform provider, since there is no update from this package at the moment. Just replace all your "SQLitePlatformAndroid" objects with "SQLitePlatf...
Simplify working with raw SQL via ADO.NET
Appson Common libraries for .NET is a set of utilities and extensions that are used frequently in different projects.
SQLite storage for LinqInfer
Easily manage locks between processes and computers using this re-entrant locking library. Uses a common file system, network share, or SQL Database to let you create arbitrary locks in your distributed application with a simple syntax.
A collection of generic WPF controls (no licensed third party software present).
Implementations of .NET Collections to SQL Server
This library helps to format query results (from a database) as JSON with arbitrary structure.This can help if your database does not provide such a feature (e.g. Oracle). High performance is major goal of this library. The mapping from releation data to json is achived by an intuitve anonymous type...
Shared components for MSDeploy-based deployment packages.