Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

Provides additional MVC3 scaffolders. (Service, Service interface, Service injected controller, Ajax Grid). More to come soon.
Utility classes designed for ASP.NET MVC; deals with encryption, routing, caching, authorization, and various other security issues. Designed by used with Dependency Injection.
Azure AppFabric Cache provider for MVC.Utilities
Blowfish Encyption (BCrypt) provider for MVC.Utilities
Helping style challenged developers blunder into awesomeness. Adds a new Layout, Grids, editor templates, HTML5Boilerplate and HTML5 attributes.
Simple example of WizardController that use partial view for render the wizard's form. See ActionStep view code example. Version 1.1 Example of AutoWizardController, render the wizard's form in a single page without using partial view, see AutoStep view code.
Simple MVC3 Wizard Controller and Wizard Helper. Version 1.2: enhanced AutoWizardController and wizard helper that support boolean field rendered in checkbox and enum rendered in dropdown list Version 1.1: added AutoWizardController and new helper that automatically create wizard step form from the ...
Allow users login to your site with bunch of open id and oauth services. The very first version (Beta). Works with Facebook, Twitter, Google, VKontakte and variety of open id providers. Supported MVC versions : 3, 4
Prototyping is a collection of helpers for MVC to assist with wireframing. Quickly generate lorem ipsum for wireframing using the Ipsum helper and fluent api. @Html.Ipsum().h1().p().h2().p() Easily generate placeholder images using the Placehold helper. @Html.Placehold(300, 400).
Adds Request.ValidateCaptcha() extension method for MVC Request object
A library that makes it easy to register routes through the .NET configuration files. Supports page routes, MVC, custom routes (IRouteHandler and RouteBase), constraints (RegEx and IRouteConstraint), defaults, parameters and tokens. Written in C# for .NET 4.
JavaScript and web resource manager for .NET MVC. You can use the ScriptKeeper to register a JavaScript file multiple times but keep that script referenced only once on the final page. It also accepts aliases for scripts defined in your Web.config file.
Adds a simple CSS file used to debug media queries.
Simple result filter to allow for finding mobile views.
Simple default mobile views to be used with Viewfinder that leverage jQuery Mobile.
Lightweight Test Automation Framework (LTAF) for ASP.NET runtime dependencies
Package description
Provides a quick way to create common zurb elements in the same way that other view elements are created.
For creating an MVC Application with Facet Search
Collection of classes to help with creating an ASP.NET MVC website.