Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

System Extensions Methods
Framework used by Quasares
Provides APIs for accessing Eikon data such as realtime market data and time series. APIs can be consumed from both Eikon Library Apps and standalone applications. (Signed assembly)
The MVVM Framework is a compact and simple, yet powerful implementation of the MVVM pattern for WPF. It provides a strong model for managing the application lifecycle and the navigation. The MVVM framework decouples operation system functionality from the application logic by providing a powerful se...
Client library for Raptorlog.
Now works with Enums! Entity Framework Code First Seeder populates newly created databases with seed data from a simple XML file. You'll no longer need to create custom implementations of IDatabaseInitializer to hard code your seed entities. If updating from v0.9.x, you'll need to slightly mod...
DropkicK is a fluent deployment framework that allows you to describe what you are trying to do in a fluent manner (C# anyone?). This package contains both the executable and the reference dll. Type dk /? for options.
This project contains several of Nohros' core .NET libraries that we use in our many .NET-based projects. The desktop package contains classes to be used by desktop applications such a command line parser.
A simple alternative to N-Tier architecture based on commands and handlers.
Spine is a lightweight framework for building JavaScript web applications. Spine gives you a MVC structure and then gets out of your way, allowing you to concentrate on the fun stuff, building awesome web applications. Spine is opinionated and, although at first glance it might look similar to other...
Tinyweb is a lightweight web framework for ASP.NET that embraces HTTP and aims to be ridiculously simple. Tinyweb moves away from the MVC pattern for developing web applications. Instead, you start with separate addressable resources that respond directly to the HTTP method that was used to access t...
This project contains several of Nohros' core .NET libraries that we use in our many .NET-based projects. The resources package contains the classes that are used to handle with resource files.
The Polaris User Interface package contains elements that simplify the development of attractive and fluid user interfaces. Actions, Animation extensions, Controls, Converters among other user interface functionality is contained in this package.
This project contains the log4net implementation of the nohros logging API.
A library for automatic regressiontesting of applications / Coded UI Tests. This library allows you to write tests for your WPF applications. The library uses MS UI Automation and TestApi to mimic the user interaction.
jFluent is a Fluent style, light-weight validation framework for client-side validation. It is a jQuery plugin which can be used in ASP .NET MVC and also standard (or mobile) HTML websites.
This project contains the memory cache implementation of the nohros caching API.
Framework for building interactive console application with hierarchical contexts, in the style of netsh.
This project contains the MySQl implementation of the nohros data API.
This is a general scheduling framework able to create schedules using arbitrary constraints written in C#.