Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

Design-time Entity Framework Core Functionality for SQL Server Compact data store
Design-time Entity Framework Core Functionality for SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 data store
Owin middleware to return 404 responses
A .Net framework for calling SQL Server stored procedures. The purpose of this framework is to allow stored procedures, their parameters and their return types to be represented in strongly typed .Net classes. These can then be used in conjunction with a SqlConnection, DbConnection or DbContext to e...
Messaging provider for Rock Framework adding Amazon SQS functionality
Reactive extension wrappers for hot observables of Entity Framework entities
A small utility library to extend Entity Framework contexts. See the project site for a complete list of functionality.
Framework para camada de domínio
Helpers for testing .net applications
A library of core helpers, extensions, constants, enums and other useful things for all .NET projects using EF.
Extendable wrappers and abstractions over web servers (IIS, IISExpress or custom)
NuGet API wrappers simplifying nuget package management in websites at runtime
EFHooks simplifies the task of hooking code into EF Code First's extension points and separates concerns to make it easy to unit test your hooking code.
Framework для поддержки WPF разработки в Rikrop.
An unofficial package to publish SuperSocket.SocketEngine. SuperSocket is a light weight, cross platform and extensible socket server application framework. You can use it to build a server side socket application (like game server, GPS server, industrial control system, data acquisition server etc...
Базовая реализация логирования для Rikrop.Core.