Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

Shouldly - Assertion framework for .NET. The way asserting *Should* be
Contains interest point detectors (SURF and FAST), image matching and image stitching methods. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Shared test suite for Entity Framework Core database providers.
PostgreSQL/Npgsql provider for Entity Framework Core.
Entity Framework Core is a lightweight and extensible version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology. Commonly Used Types: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContext Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbSet
EntityFrameworkCore EFCore Bulk Extensions for Insert Update and Delete (CUD) operations on SQL Server.
Provides a SqlServerContext and SqlServerRepo for Entity Framework targeting SQL Server 2016+. The SqlServerRepo class includes CRUD methods, as well as a method for returning JSON from a FOR JSON SQL Server SELECT statement. SqlServerRepo supports auto-rollback transactions and sequence resetting...
ServiceStack is a simple and fast alternative to WCF, MVC and Web API in one cohesive framework for all your services and web apps that's intuitive and Easy to use! To get started see:
ServiceStack Templates, Virtual File System, SimpleContainer and Common library for ServiceStack projects.
Second Level Cache for Entity Framework 6.1 and newer.
Provides global & scoped filters for Entity Framework with dynamic filter parameters that are evaluated at query execution. Supports use cases such as Multi-Tenancy and Soft Deletes.
Shared design-time components for Entity Framework Core tools.
This is MSTest V2, the evolution of Microsoft's Test Framework. Supported platforms: - .NET 4.5.0+ - .NET Core 1.0+ (Universal Windows Apps 10+, DNX Core 5+) - ASP.NET Core 1.0+ To discover and execute tests install MSTest.TestAdapter. To discover and execute tests for project.json based ...
Steeltoe Common Library
This contains the core assemblies - for different frameworks
Lightweight and implementation-free interfaces for DTO's, providers and adapters.
In-memory database provider for Entity Framework Core (to be used for testing purposes).
Shared Entity Framework Core components for relational database providers.
Shared test suite for Entity Framework Core relational database providers.