Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

dotMemory Unit is an additional unit testing framework that allows you to write tests that check code for all kinds of memory issues. For example, these can be tests that determine leaks by checking memory for objects of a particular type, or tests that track memory traffic and fail in case the traf...
PostgreSQL provider for Entity Framework 6
Contains interfaces and classes to access different video sources, such as IP video cameras (MJPEG streams). This package originated from the AForge.NET Framework and is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
EntityFramework integration for Stove.
Dapper integration for Stove.
RabbitMQ integration for Stove.
An easy to use drag'n'drop framework for WPF applications.
Second Level Cache for Entity Framework 6.1 and newer.
JSON ServiceClient implementation based on .NET's HttpClient
LinqKit.Core is a free set of extensions for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework power users. Note that Include(...), IAsync and IDbAsync are not supported.
Provides composable messaging infrastructure in form of request/response service layer. Check the documentation and the samples from and Kephas Framework ("stone" in ...
Provides the client infrastructure for the data flow.
Provides the model for data, including the Entity classifier and the related scope dimensions.
Provides the data context and the associated commands for in-memory data store.
NHibernate Orm integration for Stove.