Top 20 NuGet f# Packages

WebSharper Extension for remarkable 1.7.1
WebSharper Extension for Medium Editor 5.23.1
WebSharper Extension for JsPDF 1.3.4
WebSharper Extension for introjs 2.5.0
WebSharper extension for GoldenLayout
WebSharper Extension for Cytoscape 3.1.3
WebSharper extension for SweetALert
Provides a framework to build reactive forms in WebSharper.
Describe behaviour in plain text using the Gherkin business language, i.e. Given, When, Then. Easily execute the behaviour against matching F# 'ticked' methods (let ``tick method`` () = true) or attributed C# or F# methods.
The FSharp.Configuration project contains type providers for the configuration of .NET projects.
MBrace runtime core library containing the foundations for implementing distributed runtimes that support cloud workflows. The runtime core uses FsPickler and Vagabond as a foundation for communication and upload of code.
FParsec is a parser combinator library for F#. You can find comprehensive documentation for FParsec at The documentation includes a feature list, a tutorial, a user’s guide and an API reference. This package uses a configuration of FParsec that supports very large ...
WebSharper Extensions for glMatrix 2.2.0
WebSharper Extensions for Google Maps 3.13
WebSharper Extensions for Google Visualization 2013.08.27
WebSharper Extensions for JQueryUI 1.11.1
WebSharper Extensions for O3D 20100829
WebSharper Extensions for Bing Maps AJAX v7 and REST services
WebSharper Extensions for D3 3.3.6
WebSharper Extensions for Leaflet 0.7.2