Top 20 NuGet f# Packages

FsPickler is a serialization library that facilitates the distribution of .NET objects. The implementation focuses on performance and completeness in supported types, including F# types. It supports multiple, pluggable serialization formats including Binary, Xml, JSON and BSON. The library is based ...
WebSharper Extensions for Google Maps MarkerClusterer 3.0
Client-side and server-side HTML Combinators for WebSharper (legacy)
A collection of abstract NUnit-based test suites for evaluating MBrace runtime implementations.
MBrace library for distributing flow computations.
Fslog is a simple yet powerful F# logging framework with semantic approach.
Tool to generate TypeScript declaration files for MS Dynamics 365/CRM client-side coding.
Types and parsers for working with the URI specification in RFC 3986
Types and parsers for working with the Language specification in RFC 5646
Core functions, types, and parsers for working with the Arachnid Web type system
Conceptually immutable byte string type
Suave plugin to use Serilog as the logger for your application
The Open Toolkit is set of fast, low-level C# bindings for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenAL. It runs on all major platforms and powers hundreds of apps, games and scientific research. OpenTK provides several utility libraries, including a math/linear algebra package, a windowing system, and input handli...
MirrorSharp F# support library. MirrorSharp is a code editor <textarea> built on Roslyn — see for details.
WebSharper floating panel component
WebSharper floating panel component
Frozen portable profiles
Core library and plugin defintions for the Amyris Genotype Specification Language (GSL) compiler. (demetrix version)
This library aims at formatting F# source files based on a given configuration. Fantomas will ensure correct indentation and consistent spacing between elements in the source files. Some common use cases include (1) Reformatting a code base to conform a universal page width (2) Converting legacy cod...
Random bits from Australian National University formatted for .NET programming.