Top 20 NuGet entity Packages

Provides a SqlServerContext and SqlServerRepo for Entity Framework targeting SQL Server 2016+. The SqlServerRepo class includes CRUD methods, as well as a method for returning JSON from a FOR JSON SQL Server SELECT statement. SqlServerRepo supports auto-rollback transactions and sequence resetting...
SharpRepository generic repository implemented with Entity Framework 6
Classes bridge from OdataToEntity to Entity Framework 6.2.0. Abstraction layer access to DataContext Entity Framework 6.2.0. Targets .NET 4.6.1
Package Description
This package is no longer being developed. For more information please refer to The Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent NuGet package is designed for projects containing classes that are stored using Telerik Data Access. It can be utilized for defining your ...
Design-time Entity Framework Core Functionality for Microsoft SQL Server.
PostgreSQL/Npgsql provider for Entity Framework Core.
Package Description
EntityFrameworkCore 的扩展
A library that contains instructions to cover the main CRUD operations with filtering, grouping, sorting, pagination. The library helps to quickly build ASP.NET WebAPI applications based on Entity Framework.
An AutoFixture customization that lazy-loads navigation properties on Entity Framework objects. See for the port to .Net Standard
Provides a simple generic implementation of the Repository Pattern for Entity Framework Core.
Provides powerful data access components to WebAPI server featuring OData 4 extended implementation, view projection technology, two-way data synchronization and seamless integration with Entity Framework. For the client counterpart, please install Intersoft.AppFramework package.
EF+ Query Cache | Entity Framework Second Level Caching.
EF+ Query Filter | Entity Framework Dynamic Instance and Global Filters.
EF+ Query Future | Entity Framework Combine and Execute Multiple SQL Command.
Entity Framework Core extension to execute a stored procedure and map the result
Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
Extension for EntityFramework for joins to in-memory data
An alternative query compiler for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer that supports complex queries and operators and FOR JSON.