Top 20 NuGet entity Packages

Testing helpers for using NSubstitute with EntityFramework.
Provides powerful data access components to WebAPI server featuring OData 4 extended implementation, view projection technology, two-way data synchronization and seamless integration with Entity Framework. For the client counterpart, please install Intersoft.AppFramework package.
Entity Framework: BulkSaveChanges, BulkInsert, BulkUpdate, BulkDelete, and BulkMerge. Support: SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQL Compact, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. This library is NOT free. FREE Trial always available for the current month.
KVLite is a partition-based key-value cache built for SQL RDBMSs. This package contains an Entity Framework query cache provider.
A generic tree library in C# that focuses on hierarchical entity representations. Features: full LINQ querying, intuitive manipulation of nodes, error detection (e.g. cycles), class extensibility (e.g. to accommodate business rules), format conversion / serialization.
EF+ Audit | Entity Framework Audit Trail Context and Track Changes.
Edit Entity Meta Data Properties In one Form
Provides server logging functionality that use Entity Framework for the storage.
EF+ Batch Delete | Entity Framework Batch Delete Objects Without Loading Them.
EF+ Batch Update | Entity Framework Batch Update Objects Without Loading Them.
This package contains common Entity-Framework extensions for the CG.Linq namespace. Please do not directly reference this package. Platforms supported: .NET 4.6x or above .NET Standard 2.x .NET Core 2.x
LinqKit.EntityFramework is a free set of extensions for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework power users. Include(...) and IAsync are supported.
Entity Framework Core extension to execute a stored procedure and map the result
Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
DevForce takes care of your application's infrastructure-the gap between your data-layer and client-layer where the difficult job of turning raw data into business objects and moving them to and from the client's screen takes place. DevForce fills this gap so you don't have to. Instead of building, ...
A simple and lightweight ORM for Microsoft's CosmosDB.
EF+ Query Cache | Entity Framework Second Level Caching.
EF+ Query Filter | Entity Framework Dynamic Instance and Global Filters.
EF+ Query Future | Entity Framework Combine and Execute Multiple SQL Command.
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