Top 20 NuGet email Packages

Universal date and time support. Parameter and value inspections. Fast thread-safe cache. Creation and verification of cryptographic salted hashes; fast; using RFC2898 instead of the insecure MD5. Date and time helpers. Various extensions including validators for emails, phone numbers, PINs and exce...
Email templating and dispatch framework
Provides common classes and utilities for sending emails from AspNetCore apps.
Common utility function for all projects like validation of credit-card, email, phone-number, generate tiny url, etc.
SendCloud SDK for SMS and Email. Supporting .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.5.1.
Useful email utilities written in C#. Can be used for detection of temporary / disposable email addresses.
send verification code pass email.
LitmusClient is a c# wrapper for Litmus's Customer API. It is currently under development. It uses RestSharp ( to wrap Litmus's REST API. You will need your own Litmus account to use this library which you can get here:
Aegis Implicit Mail is a free and open source library which is designed to provide fast and developer friendly API to send emails using SMTP ports. AIM Supports : * None Ssl Mails * Implicit Ssl Mails * Explicit Ssl Mails * Smtp Connection test * Detect Ssl type of mail server * Attachments for MIM...
Easier transactional mail creation (.net)
a utility for nlog
A package which encapsulates regular expression patterns for reuse
Helps to plugin emojis in to the Text.
Lightweight & extensible template library for .NET 4.0 and above.
Features of S22.Pop3 - Supports POP over SSL - API designed to be very easy to use - Allows selectively fetching the headers of mail messages - Well documented with lots of example code - Free to use in commercial and personal projects (MIT License) Please visit the website for example usage ...
SDK to integrate with Pombo-Correio Service
A collection of utility classes to implement O365 Actionable Messages.
This is a c# 4.5.2 utility dll for sending emails using Exchange, SMTP or Mailgun
Email Validation Library for .NET. Verifies thousands of emails with multiple threads. Features: Mailbox Check, RFC 821 Syntax Check, Top Level Domain Check, Fake Email Pattern Matching, Disposable Email Detection, Free Email Detection, Grey Listing Detection, Black Listing Detection, Curse Word D...
ActionMailerNext is a painless way of using razor view to render emails. This version runs with ASP.MVC 5.2. ActionMailerNext is a continuation of the ActionMailer.Net project.