Top 20 NuGet ef Packages

update/delete entity without load entity from database,run raw sql to any entity.
EF+ Full Version | C# Entity Framework Utilities (Bulk Operations | Batch Delete | Batch Update | Query Cache | Query Filter | Query Future | Query Include | Audit) This is a fork that implements a check for in memory connection using effort in EF6. This way, we can use the library in unit tests. ...
Early preview of some testing helpers for using Moq with Entity Framework.
EntityFrameworkExtras provides some useful additions to EntityFramework such as executing Stored Procedures with User-Defined Table Types and Output Parameters. github: (See Changelog!)
Entity Framework Code first get started project structure such as: - ApplicationDbContext - ApplicationDbInitializer - BaseEntity
Generic Repository and UnitOfWork Pattern implementation with base classes for Entity Framework
A provider that allows caching Entity Framework queries and updates.
EFAutomation is a convention based extension library for Entity Framework to automate several tasks currently cumbersome to do. It allows developers to create an Entity Framework based Context without having to specify each entity by putting it as DbSet<> as property.
GeoJSON for EntityFramework is a .net library that allows you to create GeoJSON output from EntityFramework Spatial Data or WKT inputs. In other words, It serializes different type of geometry objects to GeoJSON. It's not limited to only EF entities but It can serialize WKT inputs as well. Fe...
Useful EF interceptors (nolock, transaction ..)
Allows to include lambda expressions into each other in c# and Visual Basic. Also allows to avoid using string constants in reflection thus enabling easy refactoring.
Extension allowing entity framework use with MvcNext.
Provides WITH CUBE emulation for entity framework.
An implementation of M.Repository abstraction using EntityFramework.
ef tool for generating database tables and columns description
ef tool for generating database tables and columns description
FSRepository provides a quick way of creating a repository in an F# project that uses EntityFramework code first for data access.
Entity Framework's Code First implementation of the Juanagui.Common.Repositories package's IRepository interface.
Zero Framework is .NET based framework for rapid development of thick client applications using agile methodologies. It uses EF Code First, Caliburn.Micro, custom message-based comunication running over WCF and MEF for dependency resolution.