Top 20 NuGet api Packages

Deprecated. Use the strong named ServiceStack.Api.Swagger package instead.
Shell library for Windows API Code Pack
This is the Marvin.JsonPatch package, repackaged with strongly named assemblies. See for the official package.
Redmine .NET API is a communication library for Redmine project management application.
This is a portable library for consuimg the WordPress REST-API in (almost) any C# application.
Use Zoho API C#.NET SDK to access Zoho API
An implementation of IWebDriver in a mock class which does not open a browser and returns predefined elements and data. Used for unit testing selenium based frameworks
C# .NET Wrapper around the common HubSpot APIs.
.NET Client for Wrike v3 Rest API
Windows Client Library for Assembly Payments' In-Store Integration.
Use GrabzIt to take PDF, DOCX or image screenshots of websites. The screenshots are highly customizable options include altering quality, delay, size, browser type, geographic location and much more. You can even convert HTML directly into images, DOCX documents, PDF's, or capture tables from web p...
Para API Client for .NET
TypeScript definition files for the GT-MP client-side scripting API.
NetCoreForce standard obect models package
Redmine .NET API is a communication library for Redmine project management application.
API library for the FreecraftCore.Serializer. Provide interface/service/contracts for the serialization service. Include this project to reference the serializer's interfaces. This way you can avoid the hard dependencies the serializer includes.
The Services API provides you with a set of web services for programmatically manipulating many of the object types available in Relativity. Depending on the object type, you have the option to create, read, update, delete, and query on it. You can use the functionality provided by the Services API ...
The Object Manager service includes functionality for creating Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) and setting values on their associated fields. It supports updating and reading fields on Document objects or RDOs, as well as deleting these objects. You can modify the field types currently available o...
The Relativity API Helpers include interfaces that you can program against when developing agents, custom pages, and event handlers. They provide the ability to write common code for sharing across these extensibility points, simplifying your development processes and facilitating code reusability.
This NuGet package contains additional helpers which can be used when building Relativity ADS applications.