Top 20 NuGet api Packages

The Object Manager service includes functionality for creating Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) and setting values on their associated fields. It supports updating and reading fields on Document objects or RDOs, as well as deleting these objects. You can modify the field types currently available o...
The Relativity API Helpers include interfaces that you can program against when developing agents, custom pages, and event handlers. They provide the ability to write common code for sharing across these extensibility points, simplifying your development processes and facilitating code reusability.
Client API library for ImageVault
Free Spire.PDFViewer for .NET is a powerful viewer component for commercial and personal use. By using Free Spire.PDFViewer for .NET, developers can view PDF/A-1B, PDF/X1A files and open and read encrypted PDF files. This free PDF Viewer API supports multiple printing orientations including landsca...
Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic adds support for dynamically typed objects to Marvin.JsonPatch. Marvin.JsonPatch was built to work on staticly typed objects, which is great for most cases. Yet sometimes you'll want to create a patch document without having a static type to start from (for example: when in...
The client library which implements Currencycloud's APIs.
Google Recaptcha middleware for OpenIdConnect (IdentityServer)
Single Page Application client for a Naked Objects application.
An implementation of IWebDriver in a mock class which does not open a browser and returns predefined elements and data. Used for unit testing selenium based frameworks
The unofficial .NET/C# client for the GDAX API
XComponent Runtime Community Edition. Unleash the power of microservices.
Dynamic DNS technology allows you to give your home network PC or server a permanent address on the Internet. Internet service providers change your IP address on a regular basis, but with dynamic DNS you can keep your domain name pointed to the current IP address of your home server or other device...
Genesys Source Extension common-library .NET Framework extension methods and extra classes. Genesys Framework is a full-stack .NET solution that centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution.
This NuGet package contains additional helpers which can be used when building Relativity ADS applications.
Genesys Source Extension cross-platform common-library .NET Core extension methods and extra classes. Genesys Source Framework is a open-source, cross-platform, full-stack .NET solution that centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution.
Transfer all your logs to the Azure Table or Blob Storage via Appender for log4net
Project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going.
Supports an Activity and ActivityMetrics pattern for a NoSQL key-value store. This is the Azure Table Storage implementation of TECHIS.Cloud.ActivityMetrics. --- An Activities and related Metrics pattern for a NoSQL key-value store. A general use case for NoSQL stores is the tracking of activitie...
IQFeed.CSharpApiClient is fastest and the most well designed C# DTN IQFeed socket API connector available to the open source community!
JRequest.NET is a powerful library which allows applications to call web APIs using JSON.