Top 20 NuGet api Packages

A .NET library to interface with the PureCloud Public API
This is a client api using the MtProto protocol to connect the client to a server, such as Telegram Messenger
AttributeRouting for ASP.NET Web API lets you specify routes using attributes on your API controllers and actions.
This is a schema for a OpenTl project
Client package for the Codat public API.
Restores Newtonsoft.JSON as the default serializer for RestSharp.
OS33 client API interfaces
EO.Pdf.Mvc allows you to convert MVC page to PDF file.
A simple Test Client built on top of ASP.NET Web API Help Page.
Chalkable Classroom .NET SDK
Unofficial Telegram ( client library implemented in C#. Latest TL scheme supported. Consider donation to speed up development process. Bitcoin wallet: 3K1ocweFgaHnAibJ3n6hX7RNZWFTFcJjUe It's a perfect fit for any developer who would like to send data directly to Telegram users...
Client for use with Reach Web API
Extends Selenium objects. Automation Wrapper Product which allows advanced and complicated Selenium actions with minimum code. Allows bi-directional interaction with Selenium. This package will not affect any current Selenium implementations it will only add extension methods to Selenium objects.
Data Contracts (DTOs) for all Gravity API Products
NMatcher is a simple library that eases tests (mostly with json).
Genesys Source Extension common-library .NET Framework extension methods and extra classes. Genesys Framework is a full-stack .NET solution that centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution.
EO.Pdf.Wpf provides WPF version of the PdfViewer control.
A .NET API for ServiceNow
Genesys Source Extension cross-platform common-library .NET Core extension methods and extra classes. Genesys Source Framework is a open-source, cross-platform, full-stack .NET solution that centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution.
Addon for DSharpPlus adding a new Embed Builder designed around value tuples and object initializers. Note: This package is not supported or endorsed by the DSharpPlus team. Please do not ask for support regarding this package in official DSharpPlus discussion boards.