Top 20 NuGet wpf Packages

This is a Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) control which encapsulates the MS Outlook NavigationPanel functionality. It fully supports WPF styling, so you can stylize it by your own graphical preferences, if you are an artist deep in your hearth. It comes with a default style wich is more like Ou...
Traverse DependencyObjects properties up the logical and visual tree
An easy-to-use error form that can be included in your projects. This version is for Windows Presentation Foundation.
Tools for showing an about dialog for WPF applications
Contiene xaml extensions para renderizar iconos vectoriales de font awesome a partir del text unicode del caracter. Tomado desde:
Converts true to Visible, false to Collapsed, and null to Hidden
Simple WPF control for arranging the layout using its full space
"A modern flat UI in WPF.
This project devided into two parts. DirectShow audio sink filter. VU-Meter WPF control. NOTE: Registration of AudioVUMeterSinkFilter.dll with regsvr32 is needed to run DirectShow filter.
WPF Set of controls
A set of animated loader for your WPF projects.
Per-monitor Dpi Support Library give the window that supports Per-monitor DPI.
Due to performance issue, sometimes it doesn't need to invoke CollectionChanged event for each of actions (Add / Remove / etc.). To provide this we may to create a batch and after that to invoke CollectionChanged event. See github repo for m...
Simple non-bloated MVVM Framework.
WPF User Interface Controls and Helpers
Helpers for MVVM implementation
Stock controls, like candle sticks control and time line control, for windows desktop app, windows store app and windows phone store app.
A nuget package of deepdotnet's WPF Autocomplete TextBox control from CodePlex
A lightweight framework for resolving and placing views in the application by URI.
A WPF custom control that is used to display and edit networks, graphs and flow-charts. NetworkView, as I have called it, was inspired by and has many similarities to standard WPF controls such as ItemsControl and TreeView. The article and the sample code show how to use the control from XAML and fr...