Top 20 NuGet pcl Packages

# PM> Install-Package FizzBuzzer
This portable (Profile 158) assembly provides objects used to design geographic applications.
PCL version of NGeoHash ( which is a port of node-geohash (
A Wrapper around the WepAPI from
Native mobile portable class library of location entities
A Free .NET Portable Class Library for Coverting Mass, Volume and Temperature Measurements from US to Metric or Vise Versa.
Plugin for geogeospatial operations and calculations
Gradient.Logging package is a fork of Common.Logging project which also contains implementations for iOS and Android platforms.
Librería que contiene controles básicos para el desarrollo de apps con Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android y WPF
Ptv is a Portable Class Library which provides .NET-based wrapper around the Public Transport Victoria APIs that have been published at
Microsoft PRISM 4.1 ported to Portable Class Library and Microsoft.Composition. Namespaces are not changed for convenience.
Contains basic contracts for a key value pair storage system
A portable text and binary serialization library for flat POCOs
A portable animation library
A cross platform implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics SDK. You can now use the Orgnaization Service from PCL, Xamarin MonoTouch, and MonoDroid projects!
Cross-platform Quciblox Sdk for Xamarin iOS/Android/Forms, Xamarin.Mac/MonoMac, Windows Phone 8/8.1, Windows Store and Windows Desktop.
Add Snowplow Tracking to your Desktop/Server, Xamarin.Droid or Xamarin.iOS applications.
A wrapper for Gisgraphy written in .NET
NET Portable Class Library implementation of Mustache logic-less templates
It adds correlation id within "System.Diagnostics.Trace.CorrelationManager.ActivityId" to the header of the request.