Top 20 NuGet msbuild Packages

Exposes the following information for use directly from MSBuild, C# and VB: $(GitBranch), ThisAssembly.Git.Branch $(GitCommit), ThisAssembly.Git.Commit $(GitSha), ThisAssembly.Git.Sha $(GitBaseVersionMajor), ThisAssembly.Git.BaseVersion.Major $(GitBaseVersionMinor), ThisAssembly.Git.BaseVe...
Package to enable the code-behind file generation during build time
An MSBuild SDK package for SDK-style .NET projects that has additional properties and targets which extends `Microsoft.NET.Sdk`.
Legacy project file cracker for the F# compiler service.
NuProj provides an MSBuild-based approach to create NuGet packages (.nupkg). The build projects are called .nuproj files and are regular MSBuild projects. In general, the definition of a NuProj file is very similar to the NuGet .nuspec file – except that it is done via MSBuild. In fact, NuProj gene...
Automatic compiling of .proto files
The MSBuild SDK containing build targets and runtime.
A build target that increments AssemblyInfo version as a SemVer pattern.
MSBuild task to restore Nuget content files to project folder
Provides the $(CodeTaskAssembly) property which properly locates the right assembly to use for inline tasks depending on the currently executing MSBuild engine.
Additional DLL for legacy compat for the F# compiler service.
Core dependency for other MSBuild.NodeTools targets
This package contains the Microsoft.Build assembly which is used to create, edit, and evaluate MSBuild projects.
This package contains the Microsoft.Build.Tasks assembly which implements the commonly used tasks of MSBuild.
This package contains the Microsoft.Build.Utilities assembly which is used to implement custom MSBuild tasks.
Provides easy way to execute NuGet-based MSBuild tasks.
MSBuild task for ILRepack which is an open-source alternative to ILMerge. This library uses ILRepack.lib so it is easier to upgrade.
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
MsBuild tasks bundle for Rosalia.
This package provides the necessary MSBuild files that support Service Fabric Application projects.