Top 20 NuGet logging Packages

Provides logging layer.
Cross-platform event-based logging library.
Common.Logging library bindings for Elmah logging framework.
Additional logging provider for EventStore using Log4Net.
Additional logging provider for EventStore using NLog.
Additional logging provider for NanoMessageBus using Log4Net v1.2.11 (aka v2.0).
Implementation of Clutch.Diagnostics.Logging using NLog
Quickstart package for Highway Framework in an MVC project.
A logging provider for SAML2 based on Common.Logging
OrigoDb logging with the BlackBox framework
Enable logging with Log4Net for OrigoDb
FunScript binding for jquery_clientsidelogging (BETA version).
Contains the core Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1 application blocks: Caching; Data; Logging; and Exception Handling
DD4T Logger Implementation with Log4Net
Useful .NET code.
Sample configuration supplying common filtering for ELMAH.
ELMAH with configuration for getting started quickly on a Microsoft Access database as the error log.
Adds Enterprise Library 5 Logging Block settings to your WCF project
Fixed a bug which generated the incorrect method (stackframe) during release mode.
Trace logger for .NET. Easy to get started with, but has advanced features. Log viewer on allows filtering by thread name, logger/category name, method name, and more. Compiled help also available (.chm file).