Top 20 NuGet logging Packages

Shared library used by .NET log appenders uploading to Sumo Logic.
*TestBase* gives you a flying start with fluent assertions that are easy to extend; sharp failure messages; and tools for testing with heavy dependencies on AspNetMvc, HttpClient, Ado.Net, Streams and Logging. ``` UnitUnderTest.Action() .ShouldNotBeNull() .ShouldEqualByValueExceptFor(new {Id=1...
Log4Net appender which sends logs to the Sumo Logic machine data analytics platform.
The NLog adapter for Spiffy.Monitoring
A zero-allocation .NET logging library
An implementation of Microdot's logging and tracing using NLog. target for NLog
NLog logging implementation for Backend.Fx
Nancy plugin for application-wide logging using Serilog
Common.Logging.Core contains the portable (PCL) implementation of the Common.Logging low-level abstractions common to all other Common.Logging packages.
Configuration support for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
NLog.WindowsIdentity.dll provides windows-identity renderer for NetStandard
Exceptionless client for ASP.NET Core. Exceptionless is a cloud based error reporting service that sends your exceptions to and provides aggregated views and analytics.
Includes Event Source based logging support.
Logging Library for ChilliSource.Mobile framework
An provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Logging aspect using PostSharp
Simple .NET logging based on nfx and core. Cosmos.Logging is one inline member project of COSMOSLOOPS PROGRAMME.
A Sentry sink for Serilog
Provides server logging functionality that use Entity Framework for the storage.