Top 20 NuGet logging Packages

Rapid Logger with Log4Net
Writes MySqlConnector logging output to Microsoft.Extensions.Logging with one line of code.
Implements the logging interfaces of Affecto.Logging package using Log4Net.
This is an Error Logger for C# Applications. It uses a standard class library to allow you to easily log all errors to a single Text File an SQL Database or an SQLite Database. You can pass in parameters to allow the log to be created in a specific location with any given name. This library now als...
Reading and logging the HTTP request message and the HTTP response message.
This library is a .NET implementation of the OpenTracing API. To fully understand this platform API, it's helpful to be familiar with the OpenTracing project and terminology more generally. For the time being, mild backwards-incompatible changes may be made without changing the major version number...
Serilog event sink that sends email via Amazon SES
Logging Abstractor is a library for .NET that allows you to swap out logging providers with ease.
Logging Abstractor is a library for .NET that allows you to swap out logging providers with ease.
Logging Abstractor is a library for .NET that allows you to swap out logging providers with ease.
Painless integration of ELMAH functionality into ASP.NET MVC Application. Just drop the package inside your ASP.NET MVC application and access /elmah URL. It will also install global HandleError filter, that guarantees all unhandled errors are logged (even if customError turned "On").
The Semantic Logging Application Block provides a set of destinations (sinks) to persist application events published using a subclass of the EventSource class from the System.Diagnostics.Tracing namespace. Sinks include Azure table storage, SQL Server databases, file, console and rolling files with...
Log JavaScript errors and other client side events in your Elmah server side log. Installs JSNLog and configures it for use with Elmah. Use with ASP.NET 4.x.
Provides utilities to facilitate metrics (timers, counters, gauges, meters, healthchecks) on top of Serilog.
Package Description
NLog is a powerful, flexible logging system available for all .NET platforms. It's a great choice when you need very sophisticated log gathering capabilities such as sending log messages from clients to servers, multiple logging levels used simultaneously in the application, and a range of other so...
Application Insights EventSourceListener allows sending data from EventSource events to Application Insights. Application Insights will collect your logs from multiple sources and provide rich powerful search capabilities. Privacy statement:
KissLog AspNet Core package. Contains the components required to hook Asp.Net Core applications with KissLog. Install this package to Asp.Net Core applications.
An MSBuild logger that can be passed to MSBuild to record a detailed structured log file. See usage example at:
The NLog sink for Cosmos.Logging.