Top 20 NuGet javascript Packages

Gimme is a ECMAScript (or Javascript if you prefer) library designed to make working with "everyone's favorite scripting language" fun again!
Google closure based javascript compiler that integrates tightly into Visual Studio
RequestReduce allows any IIS based website to automaticaly sprite background images into a single optimized PNG as well as combine and minify CSS and Javascript with absolutely no coding beyond a few config tweaks. RequestReduce excercises common best practices when serving its javascript, css and s...
T4 template for Javascript generation. Helps to get access from Javascript to constants and urls of your MVC actions. MvcActions.Home.Index("param1")
Installs the Angular.js seed project (RC1) into an MVC project
Knockback-Inspector.js provides an inspector tree view library for Backbone.Models and Backbone.Collections using Knockback.js.
The Quicklight web framework allows for the creation of a loosely coupled composite web application. It provides dependancy injection, event management, region management and a framework for building MVVM applications using the razor engine to generate views
A fast and lightest prototype inheritance when you can't use any complied library such as TypeScript or Google Closure
Enhanced VS2012 Javascript intellisense for variables, properties, methods even prototype's methods!
UI is the DNA of the web. Semantic empowers designers and developers by creating a language for sharing UI.
Take a look at and try it out there.
GravatarClient is an AjaxControlToolkit based client side behavior for adding photo and datas from the to the webpage automatically. New BSD License The md5.js and utf8_encode.js has own licence.
CarouselBehavior is an AjaxControlToolkit based behavior for jQuery Carousel plugin. The Carousel plugin exists in Twitter Bootstrap. New BSD License
AdPanel is an AjaxControlToolkit based client side behavior for adding advertisenments and similar things - like partners - to the webpage automatically. In the configuration applicable remote or local url based image, html markup for text based content and tooltip. New BSD License
BootstrapPanelBaseBehavior is an AjaxControlToolkit based client side - javascript - behavior. This behavior is a base class for other behaviors, which use the Bootstrap panels. New BSD License
These are controls to help write script tags for ASP.NET WebForms.
UI Web Components for Modern Web Apps
Knockout Moment (date) integration
This package exposes metadata for ASP.NET Web Api through a handler. Supports C# and Javascript client proxy - see project site.
Google Closure integration for WinJS Universal Apps