Top 20 NuGet etl Packages

Open Source library for automatic formatted file read/write operations Unofficial .NET Standard 2.0 / .NET Core port.
Open Source library for automatic formatted file read/write operations
Cinchoo ETL - JSON Reader / Writer
ETL Framework for .NET
An ETL framework for .NET
Common ADO Provider for Transformalize
A NACHA library for .NET
JSON extension to Cinchoo ETL framework
Transformalize Transform using Elasticsearch
common autofac dependent code for transformalize
Transformalize Transform using SqlCe
Transformalize Transform using Elasticsearch Autofac Module
Transformalize Transform using SqlCe Autofac Module
Sort large and small delimited or fixed width files by defined key(s) and direction with optional data filtering and progress reporting. Merge purge two files.
Gridsum.DataflowEx is a dataflow and etl framework redesigned on top of Microsoft TPL Dataflow library with Object-Oriented Programming in mind. DataflowEx enables you to write reusable components and easily link them together as a high-level dataflow graph while still having the power of low-leve...
This is the main library for Transformalize.
Bulk Data API/Tools for SQL Server databases. Easily perform bulk "upsert" operations on your database. Nifty helper utility for moving around large sets of data.
Transformalize Transform using SqlServer
-easy reading an writing data -supported formats: Csv, Fixed, Sql, Xml, Excel, Access, ADO (Oracle SqlServer, PostGre,...) -supports streaming an pipelining
Transformalize Transform using Sqlite