Top 20 NuGet diagnostics Packages

Library of .NET functions, extensions and components including asynchronous processing queues, configuration APIs, diagnostics, error handling, console functions, adapter framework, active directory and local account functions, checksum algorithms, unit conversion, binary parsing, cron-style task sc...
.NET Core client for communicating with the REST API
ASP.NET Core middleware for exception handling, exception display pages, and diagnostics information. Includes developer exception page middleware, exception handler middleware, runtime info middleware, status code page middleware, and welcome page middleware
ELMAH error logger for sending errors to This package include initial configuration for getting up and running with from ASP.NET, MVC, Web API etc. Consider using one of the specialized packages instead (Elmah.Io.Mvc, Elmah.Io.WebApi etc.).
Google Stackdriver Instrumentation Libraries Common Components.
Google Stackdriver Instrumentation Libraries for ASP.NET Core.
Advanced Async/Await Diagnostics and CodeFixes for C#.
ASP.NET Core middleware for analyzing middleware in the request pipeline with System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource.
ASP.NET Core middleware for Entity Framework Core error pages. Use this middleware to detect and diagnose errors with Entity Framework Core migrations.
Microsoft extension adapter feature to extend DiagnosticListener. Contains extension methods that extend System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticListener, and enables duck-typing based event handling by using dynamically generated proxy types.
ASP.NET Core diagnostics middleware abstractions and feature interface definitions.
A module that instruments incoming request with System.Diagnostics.Activity and notifies listeners with DiagnosticsSource.
Glimpse is a web debugging and diagnostics tool used to gain a better understanding of whats happening inside of your ASP.NET web application.
Glimpse is a web debugging and diagnostics tool used to gain a better understanding of whats happening inside of your ASP.NET MVC 4.0 application.
Enables ASP.NET Web API tracing using System.Diagnostics.
CloudMonix is a sophisticated Microsoft Azure monitoring and automation product. This is the official public API client to manage CloudMonix objects and data.
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.
Service Fabric Diagnostics for Fabricators Guild solutions
Google Stackdriver Instrumentation Libraries for ASP.NET.
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Microsoft Application Insights.