Top 20 NuGet core Packages

PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) Core is an ADO.NET driver that provides fast data access from Microsoft .NET Core clients to Oracle databases. ODP.NET Core consists of a single 100% managed code dynamic-link library.
Provides abstractions and attributes that are used to configure Entity Framework Core
A runtime bundler and minifier for ASP.NET Core
High performance and availability, scalable and very flexible pure .NET database. Using VelocityDB saves time and money for all software requiring reliable, high performance data persistence. Any .NET object can be efficiently persisted and retrieved within ACID transactional scope. The use of Veloc...
Are you a user of YoutubeExtractor looking to switch to libvideo? libvideo.compat is a compatibility API that helps you to make the move, without having to change a single line of code. Find us on GitHub at
Genesys Source Extension common-library .NET Framework extension methods and extra classes. Genesys Framework is a full-stack .NET solution that centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution.
Pioneer.Pagination is an ASP.NET Core Tag Helper used to simplify server side pagination needs.
RapidCore is a collection of dotnet libraries to help you accelerate backend and api development
RapidCore.Redis is redis dependend code for the RapidCore library
Package Description
A library designed to integrate the Dapper and graphql-dotnet projects with ease-of-use in mind and performance as the primary concern.
A .NET Core library to programmatically connect to Billecta API.
Generic OData API v4+ implementation for .NET Standard.
Splunk .Net Core ILogger Compatible Library
.NET Core library for CQRS and Event Sourcing.
RapidCore is a collection of dotnet libraries to help you accelerate backend and api development
ASP.NET Core types and middlewares to accept tokens from Azure B2C and Azure AD tenants. For more info, see the project url
AspNetCore feature for IoC container
A library to extend Carter to handle the siren hypermedia media type.