Top 20 NuGet core Packages

Core Web library for Arragro.
armut iyzipay api .net client
Provide Redis Cache service for any type of application (Asp.Net Core, .Net Standard 2.x). Small library for manage cache with Redis. A quick setup for Redis.
Provide Cache service for any type of application (Asp.Net Core, .Net Standard 2.x). Having a default implementation to wrap the MemoryCache.
Core library for ChilliSource.Cloud
KissLog AspNet Core package. Contains the components required to hook Asp.Net Core applications with KissLog. Install this package to Asp.Net Core applications.
Supports the creation of Class Library projects targeting netstandard 2.0 and compatible platforms, such as .NET Core, UWP, and Xamarin. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework enables developers to build an obj...
Provides ASP.NET Core middleware, MVC filters, extension methods and helper code for an ASP.NET Core project.
Extensions to VelocityDB for efficient LINQ index/BTree queries, AzureSession file API usage with Microsoft Azure, import/export to/from CSV and JSON, Sync, GeoHash, Compressed Bitmap and RTree.
EntityFrameworkCore.FirebirdSql is an ORM, created at the top of the Firebird ADO.NET (FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient) Data Provider. It allows you to use Entity Framework Core 2.0 as an extension, to access Firebird (2.x, 3.x, 4.x)
CS-Script engine Class Library for .NET Core
Arragro provider for MailKit Email.
Arragro provider for in memory storage provider.
Arragro provider for image manipulation vis ImageMagick.
Core EFCore library for Arragro for Repository functionality and BaseContext.
C# client library and examples for using SendGrid API's to send mail and access Web API v3 endpoints with .NET Standard 1.3 and .NET Core support. Github repo located at :
GenFu is a library you can use to generate realistic test data.