Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

kayChart is a small library which let you use chart controls in Visual Studio as real time charts without using 3rd party chart controls.
A simple and lightweight tool for persisting data in dotnet (core) apps.
Easy way to create simple loop interfaces with console Applications
Tungsten.Net.RPC is a client/server solution for invoking methods on a server. Communications are made over the port you specify. RPC methods on the server are created by attributing classes and methods with the [RPCClass] and [RPCMethod] attributes. Clients make calls by passing in the method na...
A monadic random data generator in C#
Csharp to markdown auto-generated documentation.
EVO PDF Images Extractor can be used in any type of .NET application to extract images from a PDF document. The integration with existing .NET applications is extremely easy and no installation is necessary. The downloaded archive contains the assembly for .NET and a demo application. The full C# so...
I-Synergy DryIoC Prism WPF
This project was previously called Swashbuckle.Swagger.Extension.Client. Serves a C# client for your API at /swagger/v1/csclient for your users to use instead of using external utilities to generate a c# client. When you have Swashbuckle added to the project, add the following to your Configure(.....
GreenField core library
Now I impleted for a Pg 8.x & 9.x bulk loader with native libpq methods. Very fast loading performance to load PG for BIG data.
A C# netsh manager
C#/.NET math library for small vectors and matrices. Supported types: vec2, vec3, vec4, quat, mat2, mat3, mat4, non-quadratic mats. Supported base types: int, uint, long, float, double, decimal, complex, long, bool, generic T. Supports swizzling, operator overloads, numerous functions. Supports ...
WuffProjects.CodeGeneration is a powerful and easy to use C# code generation framework. Get the sample project and please leave your feedback on:
xBIM Scripting contains the first release of the xBIMQL, BIM query and scripting Language. xBIM is an Open Source Toolkit for developing IFC based applications (BuildingSmart Data model). It provides full support for reading and writing geometry, topology and data in accordance with the Ifc2x3 sche...
Collection of various katas to practice Test Driven Development.
Useful Utilities and Extensions for daily .Net programming
DotNumerics includes a Numerical Library for .NET. The library is written in pure C# and has more than 100,000 lines of code with the most advanced algorithms for Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Optimization problems. The Linear Algebra library includes CSLapack, CSBlas and CSEispack, the...
Xamarin bindings for VLC libs
biz.dfch.CS.DaaS.Api ======================== Service reference to the DaaS Framework