Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

The C# task runner. Require<Bau>().Do(() => Console.WriteLine("Hello World!")).Run();
An easy way to access sql database
A library to help developers check for updates.
Package Description
Simple ariphmetic captcha for ASP.NET MVC 3
Expression parser for C#, Flee and Visual Basic.
A simple and light wmi framework.
Adds a reference to the gigya c# SDK to your project. see:
Portable math support for Decimal that Microsoft forgot and more. Includes Decimal versions of Sqrt, Pow, Exp, and Log as well as the trig functions Sin, Cos, Tan, ASin, ACos, ATan, ATan2. Also included is other functionality for working with numbers in Decimal precision.
K-ordered, semi-random, distributed unique Id generator using base 36. Solves several weaknesses of integer, Guid and SequentialGuid identifiers.
This is a Visual Studio plugin that will help you replace use of "var" in your C# code with the actual type name.
Contains a set of useful analyzers for C#. Requires at least VS2017. For a list of all the analyzers see
Mapbox VectorTileReader CSharp
Send crash reports of your classic desktop application developed using .NET Framework directly to your mail's inbox with full exception report, stack trace and screenshot.
SQLite .NET Standard Library - Beta Please clone this repo for samples: All platforms supported. Including -iOS -NET -Android -UWP
A fluent interface to create Lambda functions and expression waiting for Microsoft Roslyn. The documentation can be found on No knowledge of IL and System.Linq.Expression is needed. And even Lambda can be called. Available items are: Function p...
Various tools to extend the .NET FrameWork
A series of utilities for multithreading. The documentation can be found on Several items are available: LockFree Queue, LockFree Dictionary. A wrapper on the default C# timers to wrap their differences.
PortableExtensions is a set of .Net extension methods build as portable class library. PortableExtensions enhance the .Net framework by adding a bunch of methods to increase developer’s productivity.
Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET