Top 20 NuGet bulk Packages

Bulk operations for Entity Framework
MailUp Rest API SDK
Simple Sql bulk helper.
Bulk insert for a single class and TPT type inheritance using entity framework. No limitation on the number of records that can be passed. Now supporting string, number, guids, date, datetime, datetimeoffset and boolean types. Instead of passing the dbcontext everytime, just set it once while dec...
We moved here: NOTE: The current package is *UNSUPPORTED* since 2014
.NET package for Bulk operations in SQL Server using DbConnection or DbContext (Entity Framework )
This is a simple data access layer with CRUD methods that can be called with or without a parameter collection. This DAL supports SqlClient, ODBC and OLEDB connections.
Strike Media Bulk SMS batch tools
A Simple library for making calls to the Eloqua Bulk API endpoints