Top 20 NuGet bulk Packages

Send worldwide SMS messages from your project with two lines of code. This is the library to access CM Telecom's Online SMS Gateway.
This allows you to: 1) Download and parse Whois records from bulk whois database dumps of IANA organizations (ARIN, AFRINIC, APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE ) and 2) Crawl and parse RWhois records from RFC 2167 ARIN Referral Whois Servers. It also provides utilities to increment IP addresses and to output Whois...
BulkInsert for EF (DbModelStore) branch for improved startup performance. For further information, please read my blog post.
Bulk User Admin for Umbraco
Bulk Data API/Tools for SQL Server databases. Easily perform bulk "upsert" operations on your database. Nifty helper utility for moving around large sets of data.
A light-weight ASP.Net MVC Library for posting files to IIS & Azure Storage
A small collection of useful classes and extensions for bulk extraction of data from Azure Table Storage.
SQL Bulk Copy is a .NET wrapper for the ODBC Bulk Copy API. It is designed for rapid import of data into Microsoft SQL Server.
BassUtils for .Net - argument validators, FileUtils, IDataReader, IDataRecord, ConfigurationLoader, extensions etc.
This package will install the Bulkmanager core binaries. These are the binaries to reference in your project during development. Use Bulkmanager package if you want to install Bulkmanager in your site.
The AfricasTalking API Wrapper for .NET
.Net Upsert for combined insert and update operations of strongly typed collections into SQL Server.
Execute Workflows in Bulk using CRM Views or FetchXML Queries.
LeMAK-Soft Bulk SMS Sender (LeMAKSoftBSS) is a library for Sending Short Message Services (SMS) in Cameroon and in many other countries. Check the supported countries and the prices at
Efficiently bulk insert data into SQLServer directly from .NET, without the hassle of import and format files.
DbWebApi .Net Client Library.
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