Top 20 NuGet azure Packages

The Transient Fault Handling Application Block for Windows Azure ("Topaz") provides a set of reusable and testable components for adding retry logic into your Windows Azure applications leveraging Windows Azure SQL Database, Windows Azure storage, Service Bus and Caching Service. This makes your Win...
CacheManager extension package which adds System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache as an option for a local in-memory cache layer. CacheManager is an open source caching abstraction layer for .NET written in C#. It supports various cache providers and implements many advanced features.
Use this for Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs back end operations. It adds Microsoft.Azure.NotificationHubs.dll to your project. Notification Hubs support sending push notifications to Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Amazon, and Baidu. For more information on Notification Hub, p...
This package provides Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to be used as the communication mechanism for Service Fabric microservices.
This package provides the necessary MSBuild files that support Service Fabric Application projects.
Common code for Azure IoT Device and Service SDKs
Microsoft Azure Key Vault Cryptography Class Library
High performance message processor (also known as a message "pump") designed to process messages from an Azure storage queue as efficiently as possible
XCommon Cloud Services are features like access blob file storage, send mail and others.
A client for Azure Time Series Insights
This package adds support to Microsoft Azure DocumentDB for Hangfire
Simple Oauth2 client.
Simple Oauth2 client.
The Transient Fault Handling Core provides the retry mechanisms to make your application more resilient to transient faults in both synchronous and asynchronous scenarios.
Provides an NHibernate driver that uses the Microsoft Transient Fault Handling library to allow for reliable SQL Azure connections. This package has the Microsoft Transient Fault Handling library IL-merged into it; for a version that doesn't see the NHibernate.SqlAzure.Standalone package.
A library that provides an idiomatic F# API for Microsoft Azure services.
TwentyTwenty.Storage.Google Class Library
MultiHost executable for the LightBlue lightweight Azure development platform
Contains an implementation of a Reader/Write sink for AzureDocumentDb for the Invisionware Settings Library
Contains an implementation of a Reader/Write sink for Azure Blob and File Storage for the Invisionware Settings Library