Top 20 NuGet azure Packages

Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
Windows service web role support for the LightBlue Azure development platform
Windows service worker role support for the LightBlue Azure development platform
Data transformation and analytics library. See the project url for more details.
Data transformation and anaytics library - Flat File Connections & Readers
Data transformation and anaytics library - Connection and Reader for Restful WebServices
An Activities and related Metrics pattern for a NoSQL key-value store. A general use case for NoSQL stores is the tracking of activities and events. An out-of-band process is generally then used to generate additional metrics from the events or activities data. A simple use case is tracking th...
Azure CosmosDb Implementation of DataStore
A Document-Centric Data Access Framework
Provides Windsor support for the LightBlue Azure development platform
This library provides a host for distributing change feed events in partitioned collection across multiple observers. Instances of the host can scale up (by adding) or down (by removing) dynamically, and the load will be automatically distributed among active instances in about-equal way.
Setting up an Azure Relay Hybrid Connection have never been easier
Azure CLI addon for the cross-plattform automation system Nuke.
This package contains the binaries of the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL). MSAL makes it easy to obtain tokens from Azure AD v2 (work & school accounts, MSA) and Azure AD B2C, gaining access to Microsoft Cloud API and any other API secured by Microsoft identities. This version supports addin...
Enterprise Library Transient Fault Handling Application Block
Azure library for ChilliSource.Cloud
ASP.NET Core types and middlewares to accept tokens from Azure B2C and Azure AD tenants. For more info, see the project url
An NLog target using Microsoft Azure Storage Append Blobs With .NET Standard 2.0
Implementations of missing dotnet core Azure Service Bus NamespaceManager functionality around Topics/Subscriptions, Relays, Hybrid Connections and EventHubs.
.NetStandard library for accessing easily Azure AD/B2C secured API's via Oauth2 and getting information via the Graph Api