Top 20 NuGet azure Packages

An opinionated set of coding conventions for ASP.Net development
How do we Enforce Coding standards and guidelines at Compiler Level and this should be applicable for all projects in an Org. When we compile a code, C# compiler should warn developer to use 1) Transient fault handling app blocks (if code is connecting to Sql azure, ServiceBus, Blob/tables etc) 2)...
This package contains manifest files for performance monitoring and client side tracing purposes. Use Performance\ to install the performance counters for Service Bus Queues, Topics, and EventHub. Use Tracing\Microsoft.ServiceBus.EventDefinitio...
Brings all web related TestEasy packages to the project: WebServers, Azure, WebBrowser, NuGet helpers
Wrappers and abstractions around Selenium and Selenium Grid functionality supporting all major browsers interactions
Facade consolidating Azure APIs (REST, managed etc) into simple classes, providing a single entry point for all Azure scenarios
Azure Black IPs allows you to track malicious requests that cause exceptions of HttpRequestValidationException in your applications.
Toolkit for Azure Mobile Services - .Net Backend.
Common classes to manage azure storage for Devkru
Startup tasks that configures IIS Application Pools to not idle and removes periodic recycle.
This library its a client for Azure Service Bus Event Hub for .NET Microframework.
Provides an interface and class for interacting with callbacks stored by a push trigger API App. Designed to be used in conjuction with the QuickLearn.LogicApps.PushTrigger package.
This package was used during TechDays 2015 and includes a AppServiceClient extension to get a AAD token
This package was used during TechDays 2015 and includes a AppServiceClient extension to get a AAD token
A lightweight wrapper around Azure Service Bus.
The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Library will help you to setup a C# client for the IoT Suite in minutes.
'ENMARCHA SharePoint' es donde desarrollamos la implementación de SharePoint OnPremises, ofreciendo una capa de abstracción a la API de servidor que ofrece Microsoft SharePoint.
A DocumentDb persistence layer for IdentityServer3
Contains the common object to use for KuboEstudio.EF.Data and KuboEstudio.EF.Azure.