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The TaskDialogLib is a thin wrapper library of the native Task Dialog Common Control introduced in Windows Vista for the .NET Framework and Windows Presentation Foundation. It allows you to declare task dialogs in XAML and define their logic in code-behind, including support for data binding with de...
Taskie provides an easy way to create and manage scheduled tasks.
My package description.
Easily map .NET methods to command-line tasks (like Rake for .NET)
The official TaskQueue client for .Net.
Wraps cross-domain asynchronous method calls, returing System.Threading.Tasks.Task. Sample usage: using TaskRemoting; remoteDomain.Invoke(myObj.MyMethod, myArg);
The TaskRunner library is intended to remove some boiler plate code required to create a sequential or parallel task execution. If you looking for more of a Pipe and Filter inplementation check out the PipeAndFilters library.
The TaskSchedulerTestApp deployment package, built on 6/8/2017
Generates TPL Task on timer, similar to Observable.Interval
Slimmed down wrapper around System.Threading.Tasks.Task class with a wrapper implementation for use in running application and a synchronous implementation for use in unit tests so testing simple multithreading code is a piece of cake. See example @
Lib for extensions methods utils
Lib for utils extensions methods for mvc
Data component of Tassle
Package Description
Package Description
Package Description
Package Description
Logging component for Tasslehoff.
Profiler component for Tasslehoff.
Telnet component for Tasslehoff.