Top 20 NuGet Packages

A package with helpers for performing tasks as known in Windows Phone like placing reviews in the store, composing emails
Microsoft's documentation & sample for printing is too much complex. So here's helper class to simplify printing text box content.
WINRT XAML Toolkit Input Dialog converted into MessageBox
Enables Win32 applications to access the Windows::Devices::Midi API when running on Windows 10.
Library for notification templates for winrt
Unity Auto Factory
.NET wrapper for x86/x64 WinSparkle( Project sources -
Helper classes for creating a Windows service
Used to get information from Drawing tablets
Another fork of the WintabDN project, updated from, edited with improvements
Wrapper over IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER over Microsoft ODBC provider V2.0.0.0 in framework .NET V2.0
Modefy by wuxf .Add methods lines checked
Wintellect's Power Azure Library
BizTalk library for unit-testing pipelines and custom pipeline components
WInterop portable P/Invoke library. Provides portable access to a number of Windows APIs and helpers for writing additional P/Invokes.
WinToastr is a C# library for notifications inspired by toastrjs.
Crop the image in windows 10 UWP Application
My package description.
My package description.
WireBus.NET is a loose wrapper around the .NET network I/O libraries. It allows arbitrary byte blobs to be sent down the wire rather than relying on byte-oriented connections. It also supports reply semantics.