Top 20 NuGet Packages

This includes the for msbuild projects
Provides the open source MSBuild project as a NuGet package.
Create custom build configuration with defaults from "Debug" or "Release" configurations.
Provides the $(IsCIBuild) property which allows detecting that the current build is being performed in a continuous integration server. Supports TeamCity, AppVeyor, MyGet, Jenkins and Wrench.
Provides the $(IsXBuild) property which allows detecting that the current engine is XBuild rather than MSBuild, for conditional execution.
Provides the $(PR) property with the pull request number that triggered a continuous integration build (or empty otherwise). Supports VSTS, Travis, AppVeyor and Jenkins.
Discovers installed Visual Studio versions, their install and VSSDK directories.
Augments the current project with an item named after each project reference, containing the metadata that would be added as project define constants for WiX. i.e. for a project reference PclProfiles, WiX will add $(var.PclProfiles.TargetDir), which this target exposes to MSBuild as %(Pc...
A simple stupid way to share front end assets between msbuild projects
MSBuild props package reference version updater.
MSBuild TeamCity Tasks Project provides useful tasks that can help to interact build script with JetBrains TeamCity. Some of these features include displaying real-time test results and customized statistics, changing the build status, and publishing artifacts before the build is finished.
Used as a utility assembly for implementations
This is unofficial nuget package for MSCaptcha.
Extension package for MSChart Components with Zoom and Pan Controls - Version 2
MSChartWrapper is a wrapper around Microsoft chart control for Win32. If you wish to create a simple line-chart or column-chart but do not want to dive into the API for Microsoft Chart Control, this is for you. Its API enables one to easily plot a series with a few function calls, or pop the chart ...
Simple math functions in .NET Standard 2.0
mscorlib.dll file
MsDial tracer is a class library with custom trace source (used as Tracer.Current.Trace ...) and a number of recommended trace listeners: -- CircularTextFileLogger (writes in HTML format) -- LogTraceListener (very fast, writes plain text) -- ColorConsoleTraceListener (writes to Console) -- RealTimeT...
Specifies MSDN API reference URL
The Dsofile.dll files lets you edit Office document along with executable file properties when you do not have Office installed